Before Opening a New Business Consider These Franchises

Owning a business is the goal for almost anyone looking to generate wealth and not live life on someone else’s clock. Launching a company, however, is much easier said that done. The market is much less kind to a business that no one’s every heard of than it is to the ones with familiar names. Franchises offer an intriguing compromise, allowing people to be business owners without going through the struggle of building an operation from the ground up. If this type of business interests you, here are some worthy categories to consider.


The irony is how fat you can get while you sit around and count the money you’ve made from owning a gym. These businesses can be found in virtually every town in America; in the larger cities, you’ll often see competing gyms across the street from each other. Fitness is something that almost everyone struggles with on some level and gyms are the favorite solution. Different companies offer different versions of the same thing and, so far, customers are willing to pay for all of it. Until ice cream and french fries are made illegal, owning a gym is a smart business choice.

Homes for the Elderly

People are living longer and there are more of them on Earth than ever before. Until an alternative to assisted living is offered, such as personalized pods that float gently through space, these franchises will continue to succeed. This type of business has no cultural or geographic borders, as age spares no one. Studies indicate this market will continue to grow for the next few decades and probably beyond. Senior citizens comprise a massive portion of the population, making this type of business a lock for consistent clientele.

Wine and Art

What started as pure fanciness has turned into a business model that’s spreading like wildfire. The combination of art studio and tasting room seems to have more staying power than the average person would have guessed a few years back. These companies are still mostly for city folk, but as wine continues to grow in popularity and local artists use this as a vehicle to get eyes on their paintings, more of these franchises will likely make their way across the globe.

You might not have ever thought about taking ownership of another company. With how many types of business are franchising in nearly every major city, this might be exactly how you can find a company you love that’s already up and running.