Need Extra Working Capital? Try Merchant Cash Advances!

Merchant Cash Advance NTX

As a business owner, there are probably times when you could use some extra money. Maybe you need to hire some extra help over the holidays, travel to a trade show, buy extra inventory, redecorate or make some improvements to your business. Extra money can go a long way to helping you achieve these goals. If you need extra working capital, you need to try merchant cash advances!


This type of financing option is an easy way to get some extra cash when you really need it. You can get a lump sum of money as long as your business has a lot of credit card sales. This isn’t your typical loan, which is why so many different companies are turning to this funding instead. The qualifications may vary from lender to lender, but often you need to make an average of $5000 each month in credit card sales.


If you meet the aforementioned criteria, you will be able to see the benefits of this type of financing. You don’t have to jump through hoops to get money, pay until you get paid yourself, great credit and wait a long time.

Merchant cash advances require no collateral, unlike other funding options. This means that your business will be able to get the necessary cash without having to jump through a lot of different hoops for the lender.

You settle your debt based on your credit card sales. If you had a great month, your payment will be a little higher. However, it also means that if you had a bad month, you won’t pay as much in. This payment ensures that you will continue to have capital when you need it.

The application process doesn’t look at the credit score of your business. Instead lenders want to see that you have been in business for at least nine months and make a lot of credit card sales, as mentioned previously. Don’t have great credit? That’s not an issue for this financing.

Finally, you can get the money you desperately need in a matter of days. Getting approved usually takes about 48 hours. Once you’re approved, it won’t take long for you to actually get the money.

Get Extra Money Fast

If you need extra money quickly, you need to try merchant cash advances. There’s no need to wait either. Start the application process today, and you will have the money you really need in just a few days. This funding helps ensure that you can do what you need to in order to run your business.